Alzheimer’s: It’s a Disease, NOT a Disgrace™
Thursday, February 18th, 1:00 p.m. 
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It’s a Disease,

NOT a Disgrace™
with Speaker Jim Mangi

Learn about Alzheimer’s disease, how to recognize it, how to acquire caregiving skills, and get help. 

Hear the story of Jim Mangi’s 12-year long – so far – “Unwelcome Journey™️” as he cares for his wife Kathleen, after she developed younger onset  Alzheimer’s at age 58. Hear how Jim relates it to swimming in the Egyptian River “Denial” and then learns to lovingly lie, and grow ever closer to Kathleen as she continues to struggle with Alzheimer's. 

Jim now teaches classes on Alzheimer’s and Caregiving as a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association. Expect factual information, insight, a few laughs, and perhaps some tears. Click the link below to join us for this informative and moving event:


Porter Hills Village

3600 Fulton St E Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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